Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Tutorial Videos

The game was released on , and Youtube shows that a lot of people are not only playing but also teaching and recording on the internet tutorials! ;)

You can find many tutorials as well as videos that compare different ways to solve quests.

I recommend interesting video tutorials at the official game web

Beginner Combat Guide

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How to start combat trainnig. What do you need to do.

Combat Tips and Tricks

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Sophisticated advice for successful combat

How To hunt

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Go through the art of hunting... and not just wild animals...


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Pickpocketing in Kingdom Come Deliverance is not really that easy. You're going to get a caught a lot, and it helps to cheese it a little as you get started. Targeting an inn keeper is a Great way to get Savior Schnapps as well.

Lockpick Tutorial

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Some players made it very difficult - mainly on consoles. But it's not hard to learn, it's your practice as well as Jindra is getting better. Path 1.3 facilitated the locking of the locks on the brackets.

How To Use Poison?

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The best way to kill all bandits in a camp.

Sabotage Gameplay

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How to poison the food in the enemy camp and burn their arrows.

How to Clean Clothes and Weapons

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You can clean yourself and you clother in every bowl of water. In the spas, they wash you and scrub more thoroughly.

You can clean and at the same time sharpen your sword on a grinding wheel in a forge or armory by yourself.

Medieval Armor and Clothes - Layering

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The game makers themselves represent a realistic dressing system in this Rpg.