6 Tips to Enjoy the Kingdom Come: How to Become a Worry Man with a Favorite Hero and Lust of the Puppies.

  • At first glance, the complicated Kingdom Come game hides ways to make life easier and make it uncomfortable for others.
  • The basis for success is training, but it is not an hourglass, the game offers interesting possibilities.
  • Functions that help fight and negotiate, Kingdom Come, hide unnecessarily.
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"For the first time, it may not always be the best" and "ready to be lucky". Both sayings can be related to intimate matters, traveling and playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance. At first sight, a complex game that flutters with the survival genre may have a different face and give players even more freedom than it seems.

The difficulty of the game is based on two elements. The first is the player himself, unusual about the unusual system of duels, breaking the locks or the need to care for weapons and equipment. The other is the character of the main hero who can not handle the sword, do not touch the barrel with the bow and do not even handle the old aggressive drunkard. Fortunately, none of the fortunes is permanent, and Henry can become a wealthy. And even an inexperienced player will consult with the "fighting star" of the duels.

Poor people in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

1) Do not rush

Kingdom Come has a slower start to bring players around the game world. The first part of the Skalica game has one more hidden feature that testifies to more sophisticated gaming - until a certain event does not have time for it! This means you can explore the world or collect the raw materials that can be sold. You can get the lead in the next game. In Skalica there is the opportunity to try to work with a spade or the basics of fencing. The real room for basic skills training will come in the town of Rataje, where it is good to come with some money. True military and hunting training will come later.

2) Bet on flowers

It is not quite typical for the blacksmith to collect the plants, but it will pay off. Gathering sage in Skalica is the best way to lose money. Collecting flowers and knowledge of alchemy can also remove the pain associated with the game-saving system! - this requires drinking the sagebrush. There are also 100 gros in the shop to make a packer. The collection of flowers also has other benefits. Upon improvement to the fifth level, it is enough to have 30 bottles in the backpack and the figure will increase charisma. Upon reaching the tenth level, which does not last so long, the strength of the figure from the continual squats increases as the flowers collect.

3) Train the fight

The combat system is more complex than usual. The game tries to explain it in two training segments that will teach the player the basics. The game even advises the fight to coach itself, it is not enough just to throw the enemy. Particularly the Kumán mercenaries or the mercenary commanders have more experience with the fight, and Henry at the beginning does not have advanced combinations of strikes and blocking with a counterattack. You can learn by training in Rataji, it's a dozen groshes, but the difference on the battlefield is crucial. Training will also help fight fists, instead of trying to quickly beat your opponent, try to defend as long as possible - it improves the ability to defend and sword fighting.


By training, the player learns how to control the game better, and Henry learns to work better with weapons - he gets new bonuses as a bonus, which will again increase his combat effectiveness. The same applies to archery. It's just that the players are not used by the eye, but they can learn. The real possibility of controlling the archery arts comes after a few hours of playing, shortly after the first archery training in Ratai while hunting for the rabbit (40 free arrows fit). In addition, the arrows that do not reach the target can be picked up, but they are harder to see in the forest undergrowth.

4) Do not worry about locks

Developers have already promised to adjust the breaks of locked doors and chests on the consoles to make it easier. Perhaps it is a pity, because in this activity, as with pounding, it is double that it is necessary for these skills to be acquired by the player and Henry. After ten twenty hours of play, easy locks become really easy. And, like the duels, real training will come in Ratai. However, for the ideal process of play, it is essential to break the lock of one of the chests at Talmberk Castle. It can be done, sparrows can be bought, and thanks to the collection of herbs in Skalica, financing should not be a problem. But in the worst he goes from the castle without the armor of the castle guard, so it does not make sense to let it get discouraged.

5) Henry does not have to be a good man

The first couple of hours of play is basically necessary in the story. Then the options open. World Kingdom Come works in its own right and leaves players to make snippets. The current game hit also supports different approaches to solving storytelling tasks. Only Talmberk can escape in at least four ways.

Earn money for new equipment by hunting or collecting, but also by theft and robbery. Henry can also put a killer on the track. However, if Henry had trouble selling the stolen goods, he would be able to cope with it on a trip to another village, or by putting "hot goods" in the chest - after a while, people would forget the stolen things and buy them.

Side quest guide

6) Almost every quest has more solutions

Developers have boasted this from the beginning, but sometimes it seems that the task can only be solved in one way. Be aware that you can usually choose a different style of solution, even if it is not ideal way.

Other little tips

When you see a pot of water, wash, dirty and bloody clothes scares people. Do not worry about the spa, despite the superstition, people bathed in the Middle Ages. And when you visit the spa, the game is saved, at least when you choose full services including "company".

You can repair weapons yourself at grinders. "Miniature" is not complicated, just adjust the angle of the blade to the grinding stone and do not push too much - the correct grinding is recognized by sparking sparks as soon as the sword begins to smoke, it is wrong.

At night, the enemies are less active, so Henry can not be seen, needs light dark clothes, no metal armor.

Be sure to activate the bonuses after reaching the higher levels for each activity on the "player" tab. First of all, it is ideal to increase the "load capacity" of Jindrich, the prey is difficult and even with the possibility of postponing it on the horse, each kilogram is more suitable.

Improvement of the character "dick" can be recommended, improves communication with women and mainly guarantees free services in the spa - these include cleaning clothes, rest, saturation and a bonus to charisma.

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