9 Tips to Become a Hero in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Czech RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a very challenging game in terms of mastering the mechanisms. If you have not played the game yet, maybe our tips will help.


1) Put Things on your Horse

The simplest and most sophisticated on the go is your horse. The game contains limited inventory, which mainly means that your pockets will not be bottomless and therefore you will not be able to sell as many goods as you would like. But be aware of the fact that you can always put it on horseback.

Your horse, though, has limited capacity, but a heap will fit. Gradually, when you start wearing armor armor, it's a must. Thanks to the horse, you can suddenly get big profits from the smallest bandits of the bandits, just get the good things to sell well and make a pretty good deal.

Move things to horse inventory.

2) Learn the Perfect Block

To live in the game and to learn how to swim for a while. The game will quickly start bombing the possibilities of different combos and tricks, and it will take time to take advantage of it. But if you want to become an excellent swordsman, you just have to learn the perfect block that will be the alpha and omega of your fighting.

Learning of Perfect Block

Its use is not very difficult. You just have to click on the cover [Q] exactly when the enemy starts attacking. After a successful perfect block, time is slowed down for a while, giving you time to think and, above all, the chance to set off on offensive and better plan your attack. Not to mention that it is almost impossible for an enemy to be able to defend your next attack after a perfect block.

Captain Bernard in Rattay will teach you this technique as well as dodge, combos, riposte, etc.

3) Do not be afraid to Push the Enemies and Jostle them along.

Defeating some enemies in fencing is really challenging, even a perfect block will not allow you to break through their defenses. However, there is a simple method to achieve this. Go forward to the enemy as far as it will go, and then you start to pull. When you hit the attack very quickly, you will win the drag, you will push the enemy away and you will have a hard shot.

Push Fighting

This tip is great for the fist fight. Go close to the enemy, drag the attack quickly and drag on. Especially when you push the enemy against the wall. This is, of course, difficult when you face more opponents at a time, but if you well estimate your position and you can move around, you can also win against many times. Later in the game you can learn a perk that helps you significantly to win these clinches.

4) Do not Underestimate your Workout

Previous tips may sound simple, but getting them under your skin will also take a while. To teach you, fortunately, the game itself provides plenty of oportunities. You can go to Bernard at any time and ask him for training. Because the character of Bernard is treated very well, learning is not only fun but also effective. If you trained well, you will probably become one of the best swordsmen in the game.

Fighting in the game is generally built on the right timing and the right block. If you can get the exact time of these actions, you can practically not lose. However, when different unexpected events, more opponents or other types of clothing are added to this pattern, it begins to go tough.

5) Fighting against Archers? Hide behind Enemies!

You often get into a fight with more enemies, which is always challenging. Especially when there are archers as well. You do not have to relieve them. In the fight try to keep enemy with a sword between you and the archer.


You can achieve two situations. The archers still shoot, but they seldom hit you, and in the best case they hit their companions. will put off the bow and try to attack you with a sword. Beating archers in a combat is usually quite easy. If you are facing just the archer and want to safely practise archery, hide behind the trees.

6) Take care of yourself

To stay ready for anything, you must always take care of yourself. Apart from the necessity of keeping the menu and sleeping hygiene, baths and smiths are the ultimate basis. If you are a knight, it is an absolute duty to go to the forge. Armor and weapons gradually wear out, which can drastically reduce their effectiveness. If you want to save money, it’s a good idea to repair your sword by yourself. The grinding of the sword also cleanses the blood.


The baths are usefull not only for body but also for clothing. They will help you with cleanliness, and thus with the appearance and the ability to enchant your surroundings. To be a good speaker and have a high charisma, go to the spa often.

We recommend to loot all weapons with blades (swords, sabers, axes, etc.). Sharp them by the grindstone. You can sell them for more money and you will improve your maintenance sklil as well.

7) Killing of the robbers earn money

Thanks to our tips, we believe that way of warrior will quickly become yours. What you can miss to perfection is money. But with the ability to fight, you get it very easily. You just have to talk to Bernard, and he'll get you the task of killing local robbers.

Robbers Kingdom Come

He will pay you just few groschens for killing them. Thanks to tip 1 (putting things on horseback) you can take most of their equipment and get rich when sold. Gradually the enemies will be stronger and their equipment will be more valuable.

(After you finish killing for Bernard, sir Robard will tell you locations of Cuman camps. Then you can help with the bandits near Sasau.)

8) Hunt!

Killing robbers earn a lot. But faster and safer is hunting, which also improves more skills together (hunting, archery, vitality, strength).

Hunting Kingdom Come

The meat has two disadvantages: a) It's stolen because you’re poaching.. b) Rapidly spoils. But millers buy the stolen stuff... Innkeeper in the clearing between Neuhof and Talmberk tells you what he wants you to take for him. It’s just that Alesh is doing in Ratay, and you’re contributing to the refugees. Also the butcher in Sasau need some game and even more than Andrew at the Inn in the Glade.

If you have the perk to obtain hides, you can sell them to tanners, like the one in Talmberg. The poached meat can be cooked, so it lose the „stolen item“ status.

9) Haggle with Traders

One thing is to get the equipment and the other to sell it properly. We always recommend bargaining with traders and not be afraid to cross the decency limits. Just accomplish a few main tasks or kill a few pimps and have a great reputation in the city. Then, traders have better prices for you and are willing to step back and pay you extra.

If you have enough money you can pay the traders more thus improving your reputation. The apothecary in Rattay is buying everything you can have, including weapons. I promised to mention him here. ;)

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