Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Romances Gameplay

At the beginning, you are dating Blanka (Czech pronunciation). Your relationship is nice. Unfortunately, Bianka (English pronunciation) will not survive the attack on Skalitz.

You can find her body in Skalitz, at the main quest Homecoming. She has save drinks and a her ring. You can keep it as a memento…

  1. You can fuck with prostitutes in baths. Or you can be outraged by the witches in the guest "Playing with the Devil". The priest of Uzhitz will lead you...
  2. There are two next womens if this game, who might really love you a lot. Theresa and Stephanie. Each is different because each is from another social class.
  3. If you finish the game without having sex, you will get the virgin achievement.
Video highlights

Romantic in the Game

There are loot of Tutorials at Youtube. For example look at this. This man on the video above is explaining sexual options in the game... :)

Would you like a simple girl from the countryside or an appointed noblewoman?... Do not mind having both in this game. Perhaps they will not know about each other.

Lady Stephanie Romance

From the beginning Lady Shtepanka (Czech pronunciation) has been interested in you more, that is usual. You're a blacksmith's son, but she's of noble origin...

It looks like she's going crazy about you. Maybe she has compassion with you, maybe it's love at first glance, maybe it’s about having a baby… Her husband is already barren.

If you want to get her, visit Talmberg after quest Homecoming again and talk to her. She has prepared three tasks for you, prince.... ;)

After completing the three tasks, she will charge you to put on the shirt she gives you at the moment. If you will agree, you will love together. Otherwise nothing will be...

Lady Stephanie

As for the three tasks:

  • Talk to horseboy Vashek in Uzhitz, he'll teach you a horse song... ;) You will get the white horse free, who will be available to you until you deliver him to Stephanie. He can not to wear things.
  • Train archery and then win the wine in Rattay (Or get it differently ...)
  • To get a crown you have to rob bandits. They are strong in the fight. It is better to come at night, to stun them both, and to scour them. Then open the chest with their key.

Theresa Romance

You know Theresa from childhood. Still at the start of the game, your girlfriend is Bianka.

I hope you've paid attention to the cumans who wanted to rape her (main quest Run! - before you mounted on a horse). She saved your life at the main quest Homecoming.

Lady Theresa

You can try to seduce her after that moment. You live together at her uncle. But be patient! It will take a few days for her to go with you for the first date.

Then you must be able to wait again. And you have to come after her at the daytime she tells you. And it must not rain outside... ;)

You'll have to fight for her... ;) And then play a nice game with her... ;)

Beautiful Theresa to download...