Quest 4 - Train Hard, Fight Easy (Rattay)

You realize you're free now! You can first start a lot of side quests or to explore the world :)


For starting this quest you must visit the second floor of lower castle.

Your task will be:

  • visit Sir Radzig in the Lower Castle (Pirkstein)
  • to find captain Bernard on practice field
  • learn the basics of the fight
  • follow the captain to shooting range
  • to learn the basics of archery

Maybe you'd need this...

  • to defeat Hans Capon in archery to get his good bow
  • to defeat Hans Capon in fight with sword
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The Visit of Lord Radzig in the Lower Castle

You will find new Lord here - Sir Hanush of Leipa. He is quite funny... (if he reminds you Dan Vavra from Warhorse, you are right) It is decided that you will join the service of Sir Radzig/Racek and hence also the services of the Rattay bailiff. First you have to visit Captain Bernard on the training ground and learn the basics of fighting.

faith place

To find Captain Bernard on training Ground

It is on the other side of the town outside the walls. You may track this guest at the quest book and you will see it on the map [M]. Bear in mind that captain Bernard was in lower castle as well and he needs to walk there. You can just skip time [T].

Workout with Captain Bernard

Learn the Basics of the Fight

Listen carefully. Pay attention and make some notes ;) Bernard will teach you how to riposte [Q] attack. That’s the only way to access this usefil skill - deffence.

You will learn the exact timing of attacks and defenses. It will take a long time before you learn it properly.

It is necessary to frequently visit captain in this place and to train hard with wooden sticks. It is free. Or You can pay him (or someone else) for improving these skills.

Archery Learning

Follow the Captain to shooting range

Press [CapsLock] to keep him in front of you. (walking slowly)

To Learn the Basics of Archery

Simply do what captain Bernard says.

Fight with Huns Capon

To Defeat Hans Capon

Archery duel is good to win, because Hans will give to you his very good bow!

In the fight with swords, it's nothing but yours and his ego ;)

Hunst Capon Character Actor

Video highlights

Very nice interview with Luke Dale as Sir Hans Capon... ;)