Quest 3 - Homecoming (Rovna, Skalice)

You will begin the Homecoming quest automatically upon leaving neighborhood of Talmberg. If you take your horse, you will leave this horse near Rovna (forever).

You can loot the bodies if you have stomach for it. Usualy you can find food that spoils. Some of them have few groschens or dried food (which have infinite durability).

On the way to Skalitz you will meet some robbers. You can avoid them or fight them. They are weak and „your“ sword is powerful. In Skalitz you have to find entrance first. You will need:

  • to find Blanka's body
  • to find body of parents
  • to find shovel
  • Dig a grave

You maybe need this...

  • find bailif’s body and take his sword
  • take saviour schnapps and ring from Blanka
  • take Henry's dice from chest in parent's house
  • Not to be sad for a long time...
Looter at Rovna

Find Blanka's body

Blanka lies on the village square near the inn. She has some things in her pockets (see above). If you do not want them, leave her to rest in peace.

To find body of parents

Your parents lie where they killed them. Henry will wants to bury them between the cottage and the lime.

To find shovel

You can find the spade in the inn’s yard. You will find your old acquaintance pillaging the dead. If you threaten him, he will run away and leave you a shovel. You might get into a fight with him. If you are loosing the unarmed combat, draw your sword and Hynek will flee. You can try to catch him, but you won’t.

Skalice at the smoke

Find bailif’s body and take his sword

The corpse is lying near the gate to Skalitz.

Take Henry's dice from home chest

Take Henry’s dice from chest at your old cottage.

Dig a grave

When you have a shovel in your hand, the game tells you where to dig.

Runts band

More events

When you return to your parents, Runt and his bunch are going to attack you.

Theresa rescuing Henry

Theresa and captain Robard

They stripp the bandits and take Henry to the cart. Theresa will heal You in a mill near Rattay. When you wake up, a truly free wonderful world awaits you...