Quest 2 - Run! (Talmberg)

You failed to hide in time in the castle. The guards shouted at you to run along the castle and then downhills. You need to get on horseback downstairs.

Before it, You will see Cumans trying to rape Tereza. Hit them! But do not try to kill them. (You are untrained peasant.) Escape to horse immediately.

Be sure to save her. Tereza will be greatful and she will still help you.

Liberating of Theresa

Mount a horse and ride to Talmberk to warn them as the guards told you. Cumans will chase you. At the crossroads, turn left. Be sure to gallop (double shift) - you are pushing the horse to it’s limit, so check horse stamina!

At Talmberg you will meet captaim Robard and sir Divis who take care of you. After that you may do following: After that you may do following:

  • to feed
  • to sleep
  • complete the night patrol
  • sell what you do not need and buy what you need

You maybe need this...

  • steal the armour
  • to wash self
  • persuade Stephanie to give you money for a bribe
  • or keep up with her advice that you can pass through the gate in stolen armor
  • you can also jump from the draw-bridge
Video highlights

To feed

You can eat in the kitchen in the basement right now. Captain Robard will show you the way. You will be introduced to lady Stephany as well. You can also buy and sell food here at the cook.

To sleep

You can sleep in a cottage in the courtyard of the castle. There are two rooms, the smaller one is yours. Unlike other sleeping places, you do not have a trunk to store your things.

Horse ride

Ladies' visit

In the middle of the night Stephany wakes you up, bringing you cakes and wine. It can not be said to have barriers.

She asks what happened in Skalica. In return, she confesses to the ordeals she has suffered in marriage and tells you that her husband is infertile.

Stephany at night

If you continue to work for her in the future, you can experience sweet reward ;)

Complete the night patrol

Captain Robard of Talmberg will awaken you. Some procession is approaching Talmberk. Could it be Zikmund's army? It finally turns out to be Radzig Kobyla with his subjects. Thanks to the storm, they managed to leave the castle, which they could not defend against Zikmund's army. You are asked to keep guard on the walls until dawn. Talk with soldiers and wait.

Morning wrath

In the morning Zikmund arrives with the army and and his envoy Markvart von Auliz asks if Radzig Kobyla is hiding here. Divish of Talmberg convinces him that he does not hide, and that he will pull the army away. he is not hiding there, and that he will march away with the army. Henry sees his father’s killer for the second time.

Sell and buy

You can trade with the cook and Votava. Votava has not much money. You can find him not far from the wooden gate of Talmberg. The cook buys only food

Rob the armory

It is helpful to rob the armory, especially during the day it is not very guarded. Another great moment is before arrival of Sir Radzig – all of the guards are with sir Divis and Robard on the walls. You can get your first bow there. Votava can sell spades.

Talk to Stephany

You can ask her for money or to take armor and she will advise what to say at the gate. I did not ask money from Lady... Do not forget your horse in the castle!


Jump from the bridge

you want you can leave your horse here (You’ll lose him anyway. If you leave him in Talmberg you can return for him later in the game and use him. However you can not call him by whistling and store your stuff on the horse). If you did not get the armor, jump simply from the drw-bridge to get out of the castle.

Outside the walls

There is the baths and a pub. You can use them. Avoid the guards. They are looking for you. You can persuade the first one, but others will try to escort you back to the castle.

When you leave the village, the next quest will start automatically.