Quest 1 - An Unexpected Visit (to Skalicz)

This is task from your father. This quest does not hurt. You have lot of time - collect flowers by the way. It is not joke, you will use them to brew Saviour schnapps!
Enjoy Mom and Dad ...

You father need this:

  • money from Kunes
  • fetch sword’s cross-hilt from the castle
  • to buy 1kg of charcoal (10 pieces)
  • the pitcher of cold ale

You maybe need this...

  • combat training
  • to wash yourself
  • get 3 Saviour schnapps from Blanka
  • get 4 lockpicks from Fritz
  • to make money and not to be imprisoned
Poor people in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Money from Kunesh

Go to Kunesh's cottage. Try not to hurt him, because he can challenge you and weak Henry is likely to lose. Better leave him and go to the pub. But before it, go to Kunesh's cotage. Henry says: "I must talk to Fritz about solving the problem of the locked chest - he'll give you 4 lockpicks.

Meet with your friends at the tavern

Having watched the cut-scene, decide whether you want to join your pals in their plan to fling dung at the Deutsch's house, not decline the offer! Go with them to the house but on the way, talk to Fritz! He will give you the sparkles.

At the Germans' cottage, the fight is broken. You must win. After that ask friends to help with Kunesh.

Money from Kunesh - second part

Four people will overthrow Kunesh easily. Kunesh wil give the key to you . Take things out of the chest. Take Kunesh axe from log outside of the cottage too. Sell this things.

Castle Crossquard

Pick up the cross-guard from the Castle

Head up the hill to the castle. Talk to the guards and they will hand you the cross-guard. Keep it for now and continue with the other tasks.

Sword Tutorial

You can take a sword lesson before you continue. To do this, talk to the guy on the market square, sitting in front of the merchant you bought charcoal from. The guy is called “Combat Master Vanyek”. Follow him and he’ll give you a tutorial for sword fighting. You can not be injured, swords are made of wood.

Buy charcoal

Selling Kunesh's stuff - axe, hammer, atc. And buy 10 pieces of charcoal for dad.

Bianka Ale

Visit Blanka

Talk to her. She is adorable. Ask her about the ale. She will give you 3 Saviour schnapps. The beer could get warm, so be sure to bring it to your dad as soon as possible.

If you have earned enough money by picking up flowers you can also buy a skill book – keep it until you learn how to read.

Take your Time

You can try to play dice. Try to open chests. Maybe You do not make people sad, so do do not bother. You can collect flowers and sell them.

You can kill someone and take his key and be a murderer. Pay attention, if You to get in jail, you burn at the firing of the village.

Give everything to dad

When you have all the things go to your father. Henry helps dad forge the sword. After taht, You have take nails from the chest in your house and give them to Theresa. That is all, Taht is everything You can do in Skalitz. Run!

Mr. Clean is attacking now ...

Mr. Clean Attac