Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Smart Mods

Some mods are usefull, but lots of mods are stupid. It is foolish to make GTA from this game. Game without mods is usefull, and it is good idea preserve author’s idea: historical accuracy and realism.

It is usually not good to download a mod only to facilitate the game. You can learn to play and enjoy the game: 9 Tips to Become a Hero in Kingdom Come...

At this page I'm introducing you to the modes I just use.

But we understand you will have other priorities than we do. So here are other modes...

Point for Easier Bowing

Bow Dot Reticle

In reality, when you shoot from a bow, you can not visibly see where you point. So this mode shortens realism. Yet I use it because otherwise the aim is quite difficult, especially at the beginning of the game.

Even if you have this mode, you will certainly expect that for a longer distance, of course, you have to aim slightly above the target. And for accurate and breakout shooting you also have to fully stretch the bow.

Lady Theresa

Beautiful Theresa

File directly download...

If you do not like Theresa, it's easy to "exchange" her for the more beautiful girl. Otherwise, I'm not a supporter of plastic surgery, especially in the Middle Ages :) Let's say, that Theresa has always been this girl.

Player Properties-Perks Menu


Perks are other capabilities linked to the features you already have. From time to time, when you improve your level of some capability, you will also get a new perk.

But it's up to you if you activate it or you let it down. Perk activation (learning) is good to think because activation one percussion can exclude learning with another percussion. For example, if you learn perk Burgher, you will never be able to learn perk Countryman.

Mod Perkaholic adds new perks in particular to capabilities, which originally did not have many perks. Here is a list of new perks in Perkaholic.

Save Everywhere

Unlimited Saving

By storing at any time you are robbed of the possibility of experiencing a real fear. And you also lose motivation to learn alchemy because of Save Snaps. Both of these reasons were the reason why authors deposited the save system as they did it.

But it is not recommended to store it anywhere. When uploading a position, some NPCs may be confused... or the dead will be resurrected..., for example.

I try to limit it, but I still use this mode, because I have only one nerve...

Mod has several variants. Read readme.txt and choose the one that suits you.

Autowalker Application Kingdom Come

Autowalker Program

Read readme.txt - follow instruction. This function does not work everywhere. When you want to indulge in the countryside, this is useful.

How to Install Modes

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