Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Gameplay Videos

The game was released on , and Youtube shows that a lot of people are playing and recording on the internet! ;)

You can also find many tutorials as well as videos that compare the performance of different platforms.

I recommend interesting videos from the places where the game takes place. See how the local cities look like in 2018.

If you are interested in romance, go to this page.

Apollo Gameplay

Video highlights

There are loot of Gameplay at Youtube. For example look at this. This man can appreciate the game.

Eso Gameplay

Video highlights

There are loot of Gameplay at Youtube. This game is hit! This man can appreciate the game.

Lady Lilia

Video highlights

Also the woman plays well Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Characters and Voice Actors

Video highlights

Who are talking?

PC Detail Level Comparasion

Video highlights

Platform Graphic Comparasion

Video highlights

Lockpick Tutorial

Video highlights

It's not hard to learn, it's your practice as well as Jindra is getting better. More tutorials is here.

Comparison: Game vs. Presence

Video highlights

This guy talk about game area Czech vilages in English. How looks game area now in 2018?...

Comparison: Game vs. Presence 2

Video highlights

With dron form Czechia in Czech. You can look at to see where is the game placed.

The real landscape where the game takes place

This is czech detail map of game area with same villages in 2018.